This is an incredible purple & yellow Ametrine, 100% Natural and genuine earth mined (NO Glass, NO Synthetic, NO Cubic Zirconia), this is a natural gemstone that is mined only from Bolivia with an awesome purple and yellow color, an incredible luster and clarity.

Ametrine is a nice stone whose colors occur in bands of yellow and purple. A form of quartz, the name ametrine comes from amethyst + citrine.

Perfect for a collection or a stunning jewel like a ring or a pendant.

Material: 100% Natural Ametrine
Quantity: 1
Color: Deep Purple & Yellow
Weight: 13.66 ct
Dimensions: 18×13.6×9.3 mm.
Cut: Oval Concave faceted
Clarity: IF/VVS
Luster: Excellent
Origin: Bolivia
Hardness: 7
Treatment: Unheated/Untreated

Available: Yes


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