Tag: Princess

1.13 ct Natural green Tourmaline loose gemstone

Nice natural Tourmaline loose gemstone, that comes from Africa with a deep forest green color, this tourmaline present a nice clarity and luster.

0.20ct Natural purple Amethyst for sale

We offer a small amount of natural purple Amethyst from Brazil, with an awesome purple color, with good saturation and eye clean clarity, with an unusual princess cut,…

0.58 ct natural purplish blue Tanzanite loose gemstone

A wonderful example of natural Tanzanite a magnificent gem (rare founded only in deposits in Tanzania) with a strong pleochroism and a beautiful color between violet and blue…

0.06 ct Natural green emerald square cut 2mm

Very nice natural Emerald from Columbia, with a 0.06 carat weight and a step cut in square shape that show a very bright green color with nice clarity…

0.12ct top quality natural green Colombian Emerald gemstone

Incredible luster and saturation for this natural Emerald from Colombia, with a very good green color saturation and clarity, this emerald come in a pear shape and princess square faceted cut.