GemsForSale offer the max privacy for our customers, any order will be processed individually and any kind of sensible data was storage on our archives only for the requested transaction.

Personal information

Your email, your shipping address, and all you personal data are used by GemsForSale only to complete the transaction. When the sell was done, your data will be deleted instantly from our archives.

We only collect your email only for future promotions about GemsForSale, like discount, new arrives and similar.

Your personal data like email, address, name or any other personal information will be NEVER sold or shared by us.


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Any payment will be processed via Paypal on their secure server.

Paypal is the most used payment service online, that guarantee security and customer protection.

To use Paypal you need to have or create a Paypal account.

With your Paypal account you can pay with your credit card or upload some credit in other way on your account. Please see Paypal website for more information.