Don’t miss this ethiopian Opal cut in an oval cabochon shape that increase the beauty of the opalescence pattern of this loose gemstone, this opal is a beautyful gemstone perfect for your collection or to be set in an exclusive jewel like a gold ring or a pendant.

All our opals are natural and not treated in any way, only the best opal gemstones show a stunning play of color and opalescence effect.

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Material: 100% Natural Opal
Quantity: 1
Color:  Multicolor
Weight: 0.95 ct
Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.2 x 4 mm.
Cut: Oval Cabochon
Clarity: Traslucent
Luster:  Very Good
Origin: Ethiopia
Hardness: 5/6
Treatment: NO

Available: Yes


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