Rare and beautiful natural ruby from Mozambique, untreated and not heated, this gemstone has a purplish red color very intense and really attractive, come in a pear shape faceted cut and presents some visible inclusions that does not ruin its beauty.

This natural ruby loose gemstone is completely untreated and also not heated, these kind of gemstone are really hard to find, a lot of stone out there are heavily treated with external materials like lead glass, berylium etc…

This Ruby is completely natural!

Material: 100% Natural Ruby
Quantity: 1
Color: Purplish Red
Weight: 0.46 ct
Dimensions: 6.9 X 4.1 X 1.7  mm.
Cut: Pear faceted cut
Clarity: SI/I
Luster: Very Good
Origin: Mozambique
Hardness: 9
Treatment: NONE (Untreated No Heated)

Available: Yes


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