Fine natural yellow sapphire loose gemstone, oval shape faceted cut, with good transparency and clarity with some small inclusion and a beautiful yellow color with good saturation and intense color considering the small size of the gem.

Photo taken under incandescent light


This natural yellow sapphire has 0.25 carat weight and it measure approximately 5×3 millimeters, so it is good to be set in an elegant pendant or a ring.

Photo taken under incandescent light

Yellow sapphire are usually treated by heat process and sometimes they can reveal some additional material added during the heat treatment like beryllium addition.

Photo taken in day-light


Don’t miss this little beautiful yellow sapphire loose gemstone offered at a very low price.

Material: 100% Natural Sapphire
Quantity: 1
Color: Yellow
Weight: 0.25 ct
Dimensions: 5 X 3  mm.
Cut: Oval faceted cut
Clarity: VSI (Very Small Inclusion)
Luster: Good
Origin: Africa
Hardness: 9
Treatment: Probably Be Heated

Available: Yes


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