Beautiful gemstone lot composed by 4 pieces of white translucent Moonstone with rectangular shape and cabochon cut of 5 millimeters for a total of 3.40 carat weight. Each Moonstone weight approximately 0.80 carat each.



This beautiful Moonstone gemstones are translucent with a white base color and a rare blue flash color called adularescence  that make this gemstone very attractive and rare.

Material: 100% Natural Moonstone
Quantity: 4
Color: White base with Blue Adularescence
Weight: 3.41 ct total weight (0.80ct each)
Dimensions: 5.0 X 5.0 mm.
Cut: Square cabochon
Clarity: Traslucent
Luster: Good
Origin: Ceylon – Sri Lanka
Hardness: 6
Treatment: NO (UnHeated)

Available: NO (Sold)


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